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Psychometric Test

Strategic Resource Solutions (SRS Group Ltd) is a UK based team of commercially focused psychologists and psychometricians who provide in-depth objective assessments of individuals and groups for businesses of all sizes and across all market sectors. SRS Group Ltd can offer you an introduction to testing and assessment in the online psychometric test available by clicking the link above.

Operating as a unit for more than 15 years, SRS Group Ltd have taken proven theory and developed highly practical commercially focused tools that bring pragmatic solutions to our clients.

With the aid of independent objective assessments the client base for SRS Group Ltd can dramatically improve their decisions related to their most complex resource, their employees, and minimise the risks associated with hiring, promoting, developing and acquiring members of staff in an organisation.

With material available in most European languages as well as secure online testing SRS Group Ltd have the flexibility to support clients around the world. The UK based company have a presence on all major online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, where there are updates on the psychometric testing and online testing posted on a monthly basis. SRS Group Ltd are committed to providing information to clients about the assessment and psychometric test services provided online and from the SRS Group base in the UK.

To find out more about the psychometric test and the free online test above, you can call SRS Group Ltd on 01753 607633

What is a psychometric test or assessment?

Insuring that you have the right people for the right job is vital, whether its verbal, numerical or their ability to reason, and it’s the questions you ask that determine this most accurately.

When it comes down to it, what is a psychometric test or a psychometric assessment?

A psychometric test or assessment looks at measuring the psychological characteristics of an individual. This includes personality traits, reasoning, behavioural styles, cognitive capabilities, impulse reactions, verbal reasoning, numerical aptitude etc. The wordpsychometric translates as ‘a measure of the psychological’. SRS are experts at measuring and quantifying a range of different metrics and personal characteristics.

The nature of the word 'psychometric' conflates the word 'psyche', which is defined as 'mind', with the word 'meter', which means 'measure'. So psychometric testingand psychometric assessments are effective tools that quantifies a person's psychological characteristics in a way that can be measured and analysed. For example, psychometric tests andpsychometric assessments can be used to measure with a great degree of accuracy the characteristics of a person like their personality, cognitive abilities, behaviourpatternsas well as a wide range of other factors.

Despite their seeming similarities, there are distinctions between psychometric testing and a psychometric assessment. Primarily this it’s that tests are used as a measures of a person’soptimum performance by using a range of right and wrong questioning. Whereas a psychometric assessment will typically use a questionnaire that ratesa person’s degree of agreement with a statement.

Using SRS’s Psychometric testing services, you can assess an individual’s numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and a whole range of other metrics to give you an intimate portrait of the person in question. With SRS, you will know your people better then they know themselves.

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