Talent Management

managing talent to maximise performance

Recognising, acquiring and developing talent.

Talent Management

Talent Management is about being able to recognise and identify a talent by acknowledging how to acquire it and integrate it into a company. This could be a talent that an individual has that is vital to a company’s needs, or continue to improve upon their success. Once the talent has been acquired another part of talent management is to develop that talent further, and maximise this ability to insure the best possible outcomes for the individual, and the organisation as a whole. This can be sourced from more than one active talent and combine many different talents together from different people who specialize in different or similar areas.

So how is this recognised? Well SRS conduct a series of Psychometric Tests online which measures a number of psychological variables, meaning it tests and looks at traits such as intelligence, behaviour, aptitude, and personality. This can also be related to medical or environmental factors. Moreover, SRS offer this assessment and have been operating it for over 15 years, and is obtainable through the website. The Performance of a person is determined by their interest and motivation in wanting to do something. Insuring that a company or a working team have the right people for the right job is fundamental. As we know people have different skills and talents whether its verbal, arithmetical, listening or practical reasoning. We work to identify these strengths, and in an attempt to place them in the best position for both them and the business they are in.

One of the best ways for this is a well-designed and well run appraisal system. We help design an appraisal system that helps to identify, assess and nurture talent that can be beneficial to an organisation. Often an office is a busy place, where there is little time for assessments 8appraisals, but with SRS, we can help by showing you how to make assessments and gather information on people, just from obviations of their working practices.

With the help pf SRS, coaching is available to those who need it, and from this you can be confident that you have determined who is the best person for the job. While a person is training for a job at a company via apprenticeship or another type of training scheme is always good, it is also healthy for the person to have a good bond with their training provider, this can reveal new ways of helping to teach the learning and able trainee.

Everything mentioned above has a connection with the worker’s emotional awareness, as well as the company, training provider and the actual person themselves, it is extremely helpful and good to recognise emotional awareness, this will contribute to how they react, their behaviour and their happiness within a working environment. From emotional intelligence studies can show people who are naturally born with a talent and skill,those people tend to outshine others and complete work to a higher standard. On the other hand, it can also identify people with unique and under used skills and talents. The Psychometric Test gives a precise insight to that.

So, as well as the judgement of a Psychometric Test it is good for the person to have their own individual development. No one can determine what’s best for them then the person’s selves. With planning, testing, assessments and a better insight into a person’s skills, a business can maximise their most valuable resource, their people.

Finally, an evaluation to be carried out on both the workers and the company’s performance. Measuring the strengths and weakness from all angles based around different agendas done day to day in the workplace. Weather that results in looking for a different line of work or a change of management. When running a company or business it is key to monitor the work rate and the functionality of the company. After every year, season or semester it is good to undergo a full evaluation on how everything has been over the time set and given.


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